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Amazon.com Hacks To Get You The Most Bang For Your Buck

Don’t buy another thing on Amazon.com until you see these money-saving tips and tricks to make your online shopping experience more affordable.


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Many people use Amazon.com to shop since it’s convenient and often has low prices. While it may be hard to beat Amazon in the price department, there are ways to ensure you pay even less for your purchases.

Here’s a list of some of the best Amazon hacks out there:

1. Monitor product prices.

You may see something that seems like a deal on Amazon when it really isn’t. How can you tell? By examining its price history, which is what the CamelCamelCamel website helps you do.

While being able to see how much that product has priced for in the past is helpful, there’s another way in which CamelCamelCamel can help you save: Price alerts.

Set up a price alert, and you can see when that product’s price drops so you can pounce on it.

2. Visit the Amazon Warehouse

You can get deep discounts via the Amazon Warehouse if you don’t mind buying something that’s used, pre-owned, or comes from an open box.

Does this mean the items are in a not-so-great condition? Not necessarily, and you’ll be able to see the condition before you purchase them. It just means that they’ve probably been returned by customers, which is why you can snag them with significant savings.

3. Use Paribus to get the lowest price.

Have you ever bought something only to see it sold for less later on? That can lead to regrets, but with Paribus, you can still enjoy the latest price even after you make a purchase.


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Whether via Amazon or other online stores, Paribus will scan confirmation emails to see if anything has gone on sale since you bought it. If so, it will help you get a refund that reflects the price change.

4. Let Honey find the best bargains.

Although Amazon usually offers the best prices, that’s not always the case. Some retailers may have a product for cheaper, but you’ll never know unless you comparison shop manually.

Install the Honey browser extension, however, and you can see if you’re getting the best available price. It will also apply working coupon codes to your purchase so you can save even more.

5. Get cash back on purchases.

Getting cash back when you buy something online is like getting free money. And while it may seem like a pain to enjoy such a reward, it’s super simple thanks to Rakuten.

Just shop Amazon (and other sites) like you usually do, and you can get varying amounts of cash back according to what you buy.

6. Get Amazon Prime for less.

If you’re a college student or receive EBT or Medicaid, you can become an Amazon Prime member for around $6 per month.

You’ll need to show proof for eligibility. Once accepted, you can benefit from Prime’s free and fast shipping, Prime Video, Amazon Music, Prime Reading, and other benefits that offer savings and entertainment for the entire family.

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