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Do This to Eliminate a Huge Expense During Your Baby’s First 2 Years

Raising a newborn as a single parent can be financially frustrating. This simple hack can relieve frustration by cutting one of your biggest baby-related expenses.


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hat are two necessities when it comes to caring for your baby? Diapers and wipes, and if you’ve had a baby before, you know they can be quite costly.

While the functions wipes and diapers perform may be necessary, they can be replaced. To see how, let’s look at cloth and its cost-cutting benefits.

Cloth Diapers Versus Disposable Diapers

Before we jump into how you can use cloth diapers to save cash, let’s see if they’re even worth it by comparing prices:

  • Disposable diaper = around $0.25 per use
  • Cloth diaper = around $0.07 per use
  • $0.18 savings * 7 diapers per day = $1.26 savings per day
  • $1.26 savings per day * 365 days = $459.90 savings per year via cloth

As you can see, you can stack some significant savings by switching to cloth diapers. Now let’s look at what your next move should be before investing in some.

Tips for Buying Cloth Diapers

There is a wide variety of cloth diapers to suit differing needs. Research the different styles to see which fits your baby best.

How can you save as you try different styles? Buy used cloth diapers as a test. Local consignment shops may have some, and browsing Facebook garage sale groups in your area could yield a few too.

The benefit of locally shopping for used cloth diapers is that you get to see and feel them in person. Ordering online may be quicker and more convenient, but as with shopping for clothes, it can be difficult to decipher that perfect fit.


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Caring for Cloth Diapers

Instead of tossing them in the trash and watching your dollars go down the drain, you’ll be saving your cloth diapers for multiple uses. As such, you’ll need to employ a solid cleaning routine to keep them fresh and in tip-top condition.

New cloth diapers should be prepped for use. Used ones should be bleached before putting them on your baby for the first time.

To extend the life of your cloth diapers, look for solid cleaning tips online that detail which detergent to use, the ideal washing temperature, and so on. The longer the diapers last, the more savings you and your baby will be able to enjoy.

Use Cloth Wipes

Baby wipes perform another necessary childcare function that can pack a wallop on your wallet. Luckily, cloth can save the day here too.

You don’t need to buy cloth wipes. Look around your home, and you should find plenty of viable options in for form of hand towels or old T-shirts you can cut up into wipes.

Before washing the wipes, spray them with a cleansing solution, rinse them, and throw them in a wet bag. This will make less of a mess if you wash them with other clothes.

Make Your Own Baby Wipes

If cloth wipes don’t seem like a viable option, you can make your own wipes to save on the expensive store-bought variety.

Paper towels will work at a fraction of the cost, as long as you treat them with certain ingredients. A quick online search will show you how to make your wipes with ease using items in your home.

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