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Do This To Make A Home Office More Productive

Have you shifted to remote work? If so, you’ll want to see the different ways you can make your home office more productive so you can make the most out of this transition.


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Whether your employer instituted telecommuting in response to a global pandemic or you simply decided to take your talents online, your home office is where the magic happens. Working from home has its advantages, but it can also present issues that could affect your productivity.

Here are some tips to make your home office as productive as possible:

Pretend Like You’re Going to an Actual Office

It’s tempting to lounge around all day in your pajamas, but something as simple as a too-relaxing wardrobe can negatively impact your productivity.

Many experts suggest that even if you’re working remotely, you act as if you’re going into the office. This means eating breakfast, taking a shower, and also getting dressed to work in your home office.

By doing all of the above and doing it at the same time every day, you can subconsciously trick yourself into being more productive at home instead of slacking.

Set Boundaries With People

The distractions that come with telecommuting can be endless. And while your TV or favorite Internet sites can throw you off track, people can be much worse.

Whether it’s your partner, kids, roommate, or nosy neighbor, set rules about interacting with them during work hours. Let them know that you’ve shifted to a home office and that you’d appreciate it if they limited interactions to outside of your work schedule.

Eliminate Any Clutter

Living, breathing distractions can make it tough to get tasks done, but so can inanimate ones. For this reason, it’s a must to declutter your workspace or even your entire home so you can stay focused.

If you have a specific space where you’ll be working, dedicate it to work and nothing else. In other words, put any toys, electronics, or extra boxes elsewhere.


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Pick the Right Space

Do you share a common wall with a noisy neighbor? Setting up your office near that wall could lead to disaster in the future.

When picking your home office, select the most tranquil, distraction-free, and inspiring spot as possible. It’s best to make this decision now before you run into any problems later on.

Add Peaceful Elements

Plants can create a feeling of comfort and relaxation, as can fountains.

Do you need white noise to function? Buy a white noise machine that plays different relaxing and distraction-killing sounds to make you more productive.

Whatever the knickknack or addition, pick it up and put it in your home office if you feel it will help.

Add Useful Elements

It may take a bit more of an investment, but don’t skimp on essentials like a comfortable and ergonomic office chair or a solid desk that’s big enough to house all of your needs.

Other useful elements could include noise-canceling headphones or an anti-glare screen for your computer.

Add Exercise Equipment

You don’t need a full home gym, but some type of exercise equipment, like free weights or a treadmill is great to get the blood flowing during breaks.

As much as you’d like to, sitting in your chair for long periods without getting up and stretching, moving around, or exercising isn’t good for your health or productivity.

Stay Organized

A daily to-do list written on paper or an organizational app can help you get more done. As you complete tasks, mark them off your list to get a feeling of accomplishment and get a guide of what to do next.

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