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How To See New Movies Before Anyone Else Does – For Free

Do you want to know how to see new movies before they hit the theaters? Do you want to see them without paying a penny too? Here’s how to do just that.


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ne of the best ways to find more money in your monthly budget is to cut entertainment expenses. This means going out to eat less and not going to the movies as much.

The average movie ticket costs over $9. Add in guests and refreshments, and it’s easy to see why avoiding the movies can keep a lot more money in your pocket.

While you could wait for movies to be released on DVD or Netflix to enjoy them for cheaper, there’s another way to do the same. In fact, it even costs nothing to see movies this way, and you can see them before anybody else does.

What’s the secret? Signing up for advance movie screenings. Why would a theater let you see a not-yet-released movie for free? So that the movie studio can build up buzz before it hits the cinema.

You don’t need to be a famous movie reviewer or work for a major network to get in on advanced screenings. You just need to connect with the following free ticket sources and wait for your opportunity.

Before we jump into the list, keep in mind that you may need to live near a big city to take part in these freebies. Also, only select films have advanced screenings, so don’t expect free tickets for every single release.

Where to Find Free Movie Tickets for New Releases

1. AdvanceScreenings.

This website lets you search by the new movie’s name, or your city and zip code. It also lets you know when the screenings became available, which is essential since tickets are on a first-come, first-served basis.

If you see a movie you like in a city near you, click on it and follow the links to grab your complimentary passes. And if you see that all the passes are already taken, don’t give up. Some studios release extra passes later on, or people may cancel their reservations.


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2. Gofobo.

All you have to do here is enter your zip code to find advance screenings near you. As a bonus, you can also use the site to enter sweepstakes that could give you additional chances to win free movie tickets.

3. Fandango.

This popular movie website allows you to view upcoming screenings in major cities across the U.S. As with other sites on this list, you can enter your email to get updates when new free movie ticket opportunities arise.

4. Lionsgate.

If you love past films from this studio, you’ll want to visit their site to see when new screenings are about to hit.

5. Sony.

Like Lionsgate, Sony Pictures lets you check when it’s planning to have advance movie screenings in your area.

6. Warner Bros.

Movie giant Warner Bros. sometimes showcases its films via screenings before they become available to the general public. Go to their site to see if any screenings are coming to a city near you.

Tips for Getting Free Movie Tickets to Advance Screenings

As mentioned, screenings are limited to certain cities and to those who claim their tickets first. To increase your chances of seeing an unreleased film for free, sign up to the mailing lists of all the sites above.

Another way to get free movie tickets is through your local newspapers, radio stations, or TV stations. If you do get a screening pass, be sure to show up early to get a seat and bring your ID.

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