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The Best Times Of Year To Buy New Items For Your Home

You can save a ton on household goods if you purchase them at the right time. To find out that sweet spot for savings on appliances and more, keep reading.


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When do most people buy new products like appliances, furniture, and more for their home? Either when they have breaks, or when a holiday like Black Friday hits.

Well, did you know that you could score significant savings on products by buying them at certain times of the year? It’s true, as many products follow a pattern that makes them predictable in terms of their lowest prices.

If you were looking to buy something to make your home more modern, efficient, or simply better overall, here are the times when you should break out your wallet.


Try to hold off the urge to splurge on the newest, biggest TV on Black Friday or Cyber Monday. Instead, buy it in January.

You can discover deep discounts during this month on televisions right after the latest, greatest technologies are revealed at the yearly Consumer Electronics Show. Since it kicks off in early January, it makes waiting just a bit longer well worth it.


Sheets and other linens are best bought in January.

Although white sales that feature linens at deep discounts have been going on since the 1800s, don’t worry – you can find them in every color just after the new year kicks off.


You can buy your linens in January and buy the bed to put them on in February. Presidents Day is ideal for mattress shopping since it’s a long weekend that’s filled with beds at affordable prices.


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Fitness Equipment

You may be tempted to buy a new treadmill or some other piece of workout equipment in January. Buy it in March instead, and you can get it at a discount as all those new year’s resolutions fall through.


If you have someone handy around the house, have them buy their tools in April. Head on over to Home Depot, and you can take advantage of their Spring Black Friday sale to snag some deals.


Do you need this year’s latest refrigerator? Probably not, as last year’s could suffice.

Buy your refrigerator in May, and you can get it at a lower price since new fridge models hit the market in the summer.

Cookware and dishes

Do you know what June is? Besides being extremely hot in most places, it’s also wedding season.

Retailers pack stores with wedding registry gifts like cookware and dishes, and many of them can be found on the cheap.

Indoor furniture

Need a new couch or table? Fourth of July weekend is your best bet for buying affordable furniture as retailers get rid of their inventory to make way for the latest styles that debuts in August.

Patio furniture

Complete your home’s décor by buying your patio furniture in October. With winter on the way, retailers drop prices since many people won’t be sitting around outside in the cold.

Small appliances

Start stocking up on small appliances as gifts in November. If you’ll be needing a coffee maker, blender, or something similar, get it around Black Friday.

Swimming pools

If you’ve been saving for one, get it installed in December when prices for pools hit rock-bottom since contractors have more free time.

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