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Use These Sites To Trade, Swap, Or Barter Your Items And Services

Selling your items or services isn’t the only way to gain value, as you can trade, swap, or barter them too to possibly get more than what they’re worth in cash.


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The Internet makes it quick and easy to make money by selling your products or services.

For instance, if you want to sell your old clothes for cash, you can put them on Poshmark in a matter of minutes. Or, if you want to do graphic design or write for someone, you can sell those services via Fiverr quite quickly too.

Is “selling” the only way to get value in exchange for what you own or can provide? Nope, because you can now trade, swap, or barter too.

Here are some of the best sites to do just that:


As its name suggests, Freecycle focuses on freebies. While that’s worth a quick trip to the site in itself, you can also use it to make trades too.

Sign up and post a wanted ad, and you can describe exactly what you’re looking for and what you’re willing to trade for it.

This is an excellent option if you don’t have extra cash, but have something you can trade to acquire it.


It’s one of the biggest classified sites on the Net, and while you can use it to find free stuff, you can use it to barter as well.

Look under the For Sale section, and you’ll see the Barter board. From there, you can make a specific post to describe what you seek, or see what’s out there.


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To give you an idea of what you can find, a quick look at the Barter board while writing shows the following posts:

  • Trade a Dodge Caravan for something similar in value.
  • Swap a kayak for a drone.
  • Barter handyman services for a piece of land.


Yes, you can actually swap homes with someone from across the world, and HomeExchange can help you do it.

This site is meant for frequent travelers looking to put their own home to use while away. You can swap homes for vacation or a long-term stay.

Since there is a membership fee, be sure that you travel enough to make it worthwhile.

Trusted House Sitters

If you’re not too keen on paying rent every month and aren’t tied down to a specific city due to a job, try this site.

Whether it’s caring for someone’s pets or their home while they’re on the road, Trusted House Sitters will put a roof over your head as you exchange your services for lodging.


You can keep a rotating wardrobe and help the environment by using Rehash.

Open your closet, gather the clothes, shoes, jewelry, accessories, and even makeup you don’t need, and post it. Other members will give you offers so you can get to swapping soon.


With over 100,000 swappable services on this site, there’s little doubt you’ll be able to think of something you can offer in exchange for another person’s talents.

Sign up so you can start putting whatever unique talent you have on display while getting something in return.

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